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Vogue Video, 1990

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[Source: Wikipedia; emphasis added] Many of the scenes [from Madonna's 1990 'Vogue' music video] are recreations of photographs taken by noted photographer Horst P. Horst, including his famous "Mainbocher Corset", "Lisa with Turban" (1940), and "Carmen Face Massage" (1946).

Horst was reportedly "displeased" with Madonna's video because he never gave his permission for his photographs to be used and received no acknowledgement from Madonna.

Some of the close-up poses recreate noted portraits of such stars as Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, and Jean Harlow. (Additionally, several stars of this era were name-checked in the song's lyrics.)

Several famous Hollywood portrait photographers whose style and works are referenced include George Hurrell, Eugene Robert Richee, Don English, Whitey Schafer, Ernest Bachrach, Scotty Welbourn e, and Clarence Sinclair Bull.

Horst P. Horst (Photographer)

1. Left: Mainbocher Corset, 1939;

Right: two images of Madonna from the 1990 music video 'Vogue'

Madonna ripping off Horst P. Horst imagery in her Vogue video

2. Left: "Carmen Face Massage"

Right: screen cap of Madonna from 1990 "Vogue" music video

Horst P. Horst Photo

3. Left: "Lisa With Turban" by Horst P. Horst

Right: screen cap of Madonna from 1990 "Vogue" music video

Madonna ripping off Horst photo

4. This one might be unintentional.

Left: Horst image for French Vogue, 1937;

Right: Madonna in 1984 (both images from same 1984 photo shoot)

Madonna possibly ripping off a Horst P. Horst photo