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At the discussion board, we have many more examples (including news articles, photographic examples, etc) of Madonna stealing the creative works of other people (not just fashions but also music, lyrics, etc), or not giving them credit in her albums, etc., so visit the board for more examples.

Madonna's Musical Rip Offs, Musical Unoriginality

Why is it wrong for Madonna to Rip Off Marilyn Monroe?

Madonna is Unoriginal (Photo Gallery), New Location (under construction):

Page 1 - Madonna Ripped Off Marilyn Monroe

(Madonna didn't rip off Marilyn Monroe just for the Vanity Fair spread or the "Material Girl" music video!)

Page 2 - Madonna Ripped Off Debbie Harry

Page 3 - Madonna Ripped Off Horst P. Horst

Page 4 - Madonna Ripped Off Guy Bourdin

Page 5 - Madonna Ripped Off the Black Outfit - Olivia Newton John, Jane Russell, etc

OLD GALLERY (will be deleted eventually):

Strike A Pose: See Madonna Ripping Off Lots of Other Celebrities

Including but not limited to - Debbie Harry; Jean Seberg; Marlon Brando; Marlene Dietrich; Marlon Brando; Jean Harlow; Mae West; Bettie Paige

Multiple Necklaces and Bracelets Look (old location)

Bows and Scarves Tied in Hair (old location)

Form Fitting Black Outfit / Capri Pants (old location)

Hats, Caps, and Marlon Brando (old location)

The Unintentional Yet Funny Rip Offs (old location; mght be deleted)