(1) I have attempted to keep this site as clean and smut- free as possible, to the point of censoring some of the photos at the site.

I would say most of the site's content is at a "PG 13" type level, or that it is mild enough for everyone except for those who are not in their teen years.

Be aware, since we are dealing with the someone who lacks solid morals and who flaunts deviancy in all its various forms, it is inevitable that foul language and content of a sexual nature may come up, particularly in off-site material I may be linking to.

(2) While I do not have any problems with those who use legal, legitimate, ethical means to act against another party (e.g., boycotting), I do not encourage, advocate, participate in, or condone harassment of Madonna -- or any human being, for that matter -- (e.g. threats of physical violence, etc).

This site exists solely for me to express my views about Madonna (or her views or actions) and issues pertaining to Madonna, or culture in general.