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>• January 10, 2015

I know, it's been a zillion years since I've updated the site.

Grandma-donna has been working on a new album called "Rebel Heart."

She's done tacky things to promote this sucker, such as retweeting photoshopped images of Martin Luther King Jr (with wire or string wrapped around his head in the photo, via Photoshop) that her fans have sent her. (It's also puzzling that she still has any fans. But I digress.)

There was a terrorist attack in France a few days ago. Madonna exploited that to promote her upcoming Rebel Heart album.

Her new tracks from "Rebel Heart" fell out of iTunes top 100 after a hand full of days (we have links to that on the discussion board).

> I joined Twitter the other day.

My name on Twitter is @fleadip - link to Flea's Twitter page

I have tweeted to one or two Madonna fans so far- I was polite to them - but I don't really intend on bickering with fans on there.

I joined Twitter out of disgust with Madonna's use of social media to promote her new products by exploiting the French terrorist attack and so on.

If she's going to use "#RebelHeart" to promote her album, I'll use the same hash tag to tweet articles that are critical of her or her album.

2013: As you may be aware, my screen name at the discussion board is "flea dip," and people at the board sometimes call me "flea" for short.

In the past few months, someone has been logging in under the name "flea dip" or "flea" at various blogs and forums (including "Huffington Post") and leaving messages saying that flea no longer dislikes Madonna.

If you see someone posting as "flea dip" or "flea" at other sites, forums, or blogs, remember: it might not be me.


MAY 2012

Law suits

Legal Problems> Madonna Sued By Sydney Artist For Stealing 'Truth or Dare' Perfume Symbol (Photo)

> Sydney artist sues Madonna over perfume logo

> Sydney artist to sue Madonna

> Madonna sued over perfume logo‎

> Sydney artist sues Madonna over perfume logo

RJ Williams, whose pieces have hung in the corridors of the Art Gallery of NSW and Museum of Contemporary Art, is taking legal action against US singer Madonna over what he claims is a breach of copyright.

The 32-year-old says the "M" symbol used on the singer's new Truth or Dare perfume, launched last month, bears too much of a resemblance to the symbol he has been painting and using on clothing for eight years and which he trademarked last year.

"MDNA" Album Is A Flop

MDNA album coverPoor Roger Friedman, who has been chronicling the utter failure of Madonna's MDNA album and tour ticket struggles at Forbes, has gotten mauled by cranky fans at Forbes' site.

Friedman is simply reporting the news; it's not his fault Madonna's MDNA has failed.

I have never seen fans complain about the volumes of mostly positive, butt- kissing Madonna media coverage over the last twenty five years, but boy, four or five articles reporting on her album failing in a two week time frame has the fans in a tizzy.

I wonder why the fans never show that much passion over negative reviews of Madonna movies such as WE, Filth and Wisom, and Swept Away?

A few of these links are from April 2012:

> Madonna's "MDNA" Update: Drops Out of Top 40 After 5 Weeks‎

by Roger Friedman

Time for an update on Madonna‘s “MDNA” album. Title this “Desperately Seeking Sales.” It’s just about done on the charts. I’m told that counted about 9,100 copies last week. “MDNA” drops out of the top 40 after five weeks, and lands at number 44.

> Madonna fans snub free MDNA albums

> Madonna Ticket Holders Don't Bother Redeeming Free Album

> Madonna MDNA: 180K Concert Ticket Buyers Didn't Want CD They'd Bought Anyway

> 180k Madonna ticket buyers haven’t redeemed free MDNA album

The related [MDNA] album coupons, for both digital and physical product, were given away with each of the 600,000 which suggests that 180,000 of those ticket holders did not take up the offer of receiving the artist’s latest LP.

> When Old Stars Try to Be New Again

by Eric Felten
May 3, 2012, 6:36 p.m. ET

Madonna achieved a notoriety even more embarrassing than her commodified sexuality—her disc took one of the biggest tumbles ever for an album opening at the top. Second-week sales collapsed by more than 86%.

And in the weeks since, the decline has only deepened, with "MDNA" now languishing at No. 34 on the chart. Mr. Richie's record, by contrast, climbed to No. 1, where it has held pride of place for the last two weeks.

What explains Madonna's epic fail and Mr. Richie's surprise success?

It can't be entirely a matter of promotion. After all, in the lead-up to her disc's release, Madonna had no less a showcase than the Super Bowl halftime. In a pageant that could have been choreographed by Caligula in collaboration with the Beijing Olympic committee, she featured the lead single from the new album (a song that enjoyed added attention thanks to the obscene gesture delivered by a guest rapper).

Think of the show as an informercial for "MDNA": Given what advertising time costs during the Super Bowl, it's been estimated that Madonna's halftime spot was a promotional opportunity worth more than $80 million.

Mr. Richie's televised promotion was rather modest by comparison—he appeared for an hour on the Home Shopping Network.

Nor does the quality of the music explain it all.

....The answer, I think, can be found in the basic question of old vs. new. Mr. Richie found a way to freshen up his "greatest hits."

Madonna is trying to sell new music.

Fans of long-established artists may tolerate new works, may even buy them, but rarely do so with the enthusiasm they reserve for the back catalog.

> Madonna "MDNA" At #121 on ITunes, Dead on Amazon Charts


by Roger Friedman
Madonna‘s “MDNA”–first of all, no one is downloading it. On ITunes, it’s number 121 after four weeks. (See photo. Last night it fell as low as 146.) On, all the MP3 versions are over. Even the ones selling for 5 bucks are essentially buried in the netherworlds of the charts.

On amazon, the physical deluxe CD is at number 65. A “clean” version can be purchased for $5, but no one seems to want Madonna without the ‘f’ word. The downloadable deluxe version, for $8.99, with a total of 17 tracks, is number 853.

And that’s it, all done in four weeks.

What happened? Even I can’t figure it out. But Madonna was a bellwether. She was a test for a certain age group that resists buying CDs in any format unless there’s a theme or concept that seems familiar.

APR 2012

MDNA Tour Ticket Sales

> 'Granny in fishnets' Madonna fails to draw Murrayfield crowds‎

Published on Sunday 15 April 2012 00:00
SHE may be becoming the immaterial girl. Thousands of tickets for Madonna’s much-hyped show at Murrayfield this summer are unsold even though she has never played in Scotland.

...Meanwhile, unsuspecting fans who think the gig is sold out face being duped into paying vastly-inflated prices for the show. Scotland on Sunday has discovered that a string of ticket agencies is selling seats at up to £900 a ticket even though they can still be bought direct from the official promoter for as little as £77. Only tickets for the standing arena at Murrayfield – which cost as little as £50.75 when bought directly from the promoters – have sold out. There is widespread availability of tickets in all other parts of the stadium, which can hold 60,000, for the show on Saturday 21 July.

Music critics believe Madonna’s appeal is fading, especially now she is being overtaken in the celebrity ranks by acts such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey and Jessie J.

.... [Said Music critic Colin Somerville,] “You also have to consider that she [Madonna] is doing the tour off the back of a not particularly successful album and has also lost that aspirational status that she once had.

“Somebody who was a fan five years or so may now be into Lana Del Rey or Lady Gaga. I’m not sure people really want to see their granny in fishnets singing on stage.” The American superstar, who is now 53, is playing Scotland as part of a European tour to promote her album, MDNA.

....Derren Nugent, spokesman for the music website, said Madonna had created a one-woman “toutfest” by allowing a batch of tickets to go on sale on Viagogo’s website, but that the move had now backfired due to poor sales.

Live Nation declined to answer any questions about the show at Murrayfield and ticket sales for the show to date.

Viagogo, which initially tried to claim Madonna’s concert in Edinburgh was sold out, said it would not discuss the “confidential” details of its contract with Live Nation for Madonna’s tour.

> Madonna "MDNA": Billboard Drops Her to No. 18, Ticket Sales Suffer‎

> Live Nation feels heat as Madonna’s album lags

April 19, 2012

The sharp fall-off in album sales is a setback for Live Nation as it seeks to deliver on the $120 million deal it inked with Madonna in 2007. The so-called 360 deal — which encompasses albums, touring and merchandise — was hailed as revolutionary, but it has come back to haunt Live Nation.

Securing strong album sales is critical to moving concert tickets.

Madonna’s 66-date global tour kicks off in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 29, and arrives in Philadelphia on Aug. 28. Her concert pricing is aggressive, with the most expensive tickets costing more than $300 a pop.

“Sales were brisk for the first few days and then they tapered off,” said a source close to the tour. “It doesn’t mean she won’t sell out, but it may take longer than they expected.”

> Disappointing Madonna sales to spell financial disaster for Live Nation

Music promoter unlikely to make money on either 'MDNA' tour or album
April 20, 2012 by Michael Baggs
Music promoter Live Nation is said to be concerned about poor sales of Madonna's current album and tour.

Madonna has failed to sell out shows for her 2012 MDNA tour, with rival Lady Gaga selling out dates on her 'Born This Way' ball in less than ten minutes when they went on sale last week.

Added to this, sales of Madonna's new album, 'MDNA' have fallen sharply since its release three weeks ago. Madonna signed a $120million deal with Live Nation in 2007, and the company looks unlikely to see a return on their investment from her current project. The contract, described as a '360 deal' covers sales of Madonna's albums, tours and merchandise.

Unfortunately for Live Nation, they will only make money from sales of 'MDNA' if the album sells over 15 million copies. Despite opening to sales in the US of 359,000 in the album's first week on sale, it sold just 19,000 copies last week.

Slams and Put Downs

Slams and Put Downs> Piers Morgan Touts CNN, Slams Madonna and Lord Sugar (Video)‎

She’s banned. It’s a lifetime ban," Morgan said. "Although I did say if she went on bend and knee and begged forgiveness I’d think about it. Not with the sales of her album, I think it may be all over."

"MDNA" Album Is A Flop

MDNA album coverDon't let all the excuses about her record failing due to "lack of promotion" fool you.

She had plenty of promotion. She sang live before a television audience of millions at the Super Bowl, where she sang songs from MDNA.

Smirnoff alcohol has been running television commercials advertising MDNA on American cable channels the past two weeks.

Clear Channel hyped MDNA; see these stories:

> Clear Channel banners Madonna across multiple platforms

> Clear Channel, Madonna Partner To Launch Premiere Of 'Give Me All Your Luvin'

> Clear Channel's Worldwide Multi-Platform Promotion of Madonna's New Single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" Helps Propel MDNA Album to No. 1 on iTunes, Drives Record-Breaking Sales

> Exclusive: Madonna "MDNA" Will Have Biggest Second Week Drop in Chart History

> Madonna Tops Lady Gaga for Biggest 2nd Week Sales Drop for a No. 1-Debuting Album

> Madonna Bundles Album with Ticket Sales to Ensure Number 1 Debut [first week]

> Madonna's 'MDNA' is 'DOA': Total Sales Collapse as Amazon Drops Price to 5 Bucks


by Roger Friedman, Contributor

UPDATE: Since the original version of this story took off on the Drudge Report–someone–Madonna fans? — got motivated. “MDNA” sales perked up quite a bit on, sending the $5 download to number 24.

....The situation is much worse. As a physical CD, “MDNA” is just gone. (Updated) The actual deluxe CD, has fallen to number 16. It’s the only one of the many versions of “MDNA” that’s selling at all.

This is the second week of release. The clean version download — for $5 — is at #733. The dirty one, so to speak, is around 500.

“MDNA” is just…gone. It’s a total sales collapse.

So what did go wrong? The audience wasn’t interested in vituperative songs with the “f” word scattered through them liberally. Instead of dancing, Madonna was cursing. And what does she have to curse about? She’s a gazillionaire. She does whatever she wants, to whomever she wants, whenever she wants. No one stops her. Her charity in Africa was a bust, and the documentary she made about it was ridiculous. She continues to espouse the “philosophy” of the Kabbalah Center. She flaunts lovers half her age. She talks with a haughty accent. Last year, one of her brothers turned up homeless in Michigan. Madonna seemed not to care.

But even more important: those songs. They weren’t uplifting, and weren’t danceable. There’s no humor. Her competitor and successor, Lady Gaga, speaks to kids with hope and faith. And a beat. The kids could relate to it. Lady Gaga created a community. “MDNA” was like a foreign object from another planet.

What to do now: who knows? “MDNA” has turned into “DOA.”

> Madonna's New Album Tanks‎

> Madonna's MDNA on track to set record for biggest second-week sales drop ever

> Madonna's 'MDNA' to Set Record for Biggest Second Week Chart Drop

> Schadenfreude: Madonna's Second Week 'MDNA' Sales Drop By 88 Percent

> Spectacular raspberry for Madonna after her new album fails to excite fans‎

> Madonna's 'MDNA' bombs out on second week‎

10 April 2012 17:04
Written by Scott Mervis

Do modern pop fans truly L-U-V Madonna?

Not as much as originally thought.

Her new album, "MDNA," topped the charts last week selling 359,000 copies. But now, according to Forbes, it's on track for the biggest second week sales drop in history, down to 46,000 copies.

Not only that, the first week numbers were inflated due to 185,000 CDs being bundled with the purchase of concert tickets for her upcoming tour. "MDNA" only did 179,000 individual album sales, which would have put it second to Lionel Richie's "Tuskegee" (199,000 copies).

It seems she might have a single problem. The first single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (the one that sounds like a cheerleader song) went to No. 10 (with help from the Super Bowl), but the second one "Girl Gone Wild," didn't crack the Hot 100.

Blogger Bob Lefsetz today came out with a harsh assessment: "She tried to play the young person's game. By associating with the hitmakers du jour, by getting plastic surgery and working out to the point where she can dance the night away. The only problem is young people see her as their mother, she's got no momentum, and old people, her contemporaries, have saggy, lumpy bodies and cringe at someone clinging so hard to youth. How could Madonna be so out of touch?"

The bottom line is that people who passed on "MDNA" aren't missing much. If Madonna was an innovator in the Top 40 scene, now she's playing catch-up and, in terms of appeal, she's no match for fresh faces like Rihanna and Katy Perry.

> Not the kind of record breaking she's used to! Madonna's MDNA looks set for biggest second week sales drop in history‎

> Madonna's "M.D.N.A." Faces Huge Drop in Sales in Its Second Week

> Madonna Album Sales Plummet 88%‎

> Why Madonna's MDNA Should Not Have Been Number 1; Has Record Setting Drop in Sales

> Madonna's 'MDNA' suffers biggest album sales drop in US chart history‎

> OH NO! The Queen Of Pop Takes A Billboard Chart Flop! (DETAILS)‎

> Madonna's MDNA sets record for largest drop in chart history‎

> Madonna's MDNA sets record for biggest second-week drop in sales

> Madonna on track for record sales drop? - CNN

> Report: Madonna's 'MDNA' Sets Record For Biggest Sales Drop - First-week sales inflated by CDs bundled with concert tickets

> Madonna's MDNA On Track For Biggest Second-Week Sales Drop Ever‎

> Madonna expected to top the U.S. charts with new album MDNA... but did she use sneaky means in bid for No.1?

By Aislin Taylor
3 April 2012
She's already broken records in the UK with new album MDNA, and now it appears that Madonna may achieve similar success in the U.S.

However, a new report suggests that the Material Girl has resorted to trickery in a bid to secure a number one spot on the Billboard charts.

Though the final numbers won't be tallied until later today, the 53-year-old queen of pop is expected to have the number one album in the country.

...Her albums weren't sold the typical way, though.

Her label, Interscope, and Live Nation, which owns Ticketmaster, combined her latest album with ticket sales to her upcoming concert tour.

For every ticket sold to one of her shows, buyers also receive a copy of MDNA.

They have the option of downloading on iTunes for free or receiving a hard copy in the mail.

MDNA Reviews

MDNA album cover> Madonna's 'MDNA' an exercise in mediocrity

Updated: March 27, 2012, 7:51 AM

Listening to “MDNA,” Madonna’s cloyingly titled 12th album, it is difficult to accept the fact that the Mother of All Divas was once considered a cutting-edge artist.

****** Madonna MDNA
[Interscope/Live Nation]
1 1/2 stars ( Out of four)

Such a conception of Madonna’s career is cast into serious doubt when this new effort comes blasting into the room, and then lingers around like a bad idea for the better part of an hour. If Madonna was indeed once a leader, she’s certainly a follower these days. Trouble is, she’s following the Wannabe Divas who once followed her. “MDNA” sounds like Britney with a brain. That’s not much of a compliment.

Where Madonna once came across as a bit risque, in terms of both her aggressive sexpot image and her trend-spotting pastiche of slightly ahead of the curve dance grooves, we now have to settle for potty-mouth language and paint-by-numbers dance-floor synth jams.

Mediocrity is the order of the day on “MDNA,” and despite Madonna’s best intentions—I’m being generous here—a generic club banger like “I’m Addicted” (to your love, of course!) can’t be rescued by her auto-tuned interpolation of “MD-N-A” at the song’s coda. Is this an attempt to assure the listener that they are indeed hearing Madonna, not one of the countless Madonna knockoffs currently making the rounds? Ugh.

Interestingly, the dubiously titled “I F-----Up” houses the album’s best melody, and despite its cheesy drum machine groove and retro, 1980s-era synth patches, sounds like prime Madonna—a cutesy pop melody sung in her actual voice, a limited range that has indeed been capable of delivering some emotional heft over the years. However, despite the appearance of an actual acoustic guitar, no one is likely to mistake this cut-and-paste confessional for “La Isla Bonita,” “True Blue,” or any of Madonna’s similar paeans to her girl group predecessors.

....We should have known this would be the case from a simple scan of the song titles. First single “Gimme All Your Luvin,” with Nikki Minaj along for the train wreck, is unflinching dreck, from title on down—like an LMFAO tune, minus the humor.

Even the classic Madonna vocal tone — still girlish and inviting, even as Madonna moves deeper into her 50s—can’t save the pitiful mash-up we are asked to accept as a song. “I Don’t Give A” lives up to its title, with Minaj again lending her grating freakishness. It’s stillborn, a waste of both Madonna and Minaj’s time, not to mention our own.

....Yes, she still looks fantastic, and yes, she can still teach pop starlets half her age a thing or two about putting on a major pop spectacle. But she’s not aging with grace as an artist. “MDNA” wants to appeal to twentysomethings in dance clubs, which is fine.

The trouble is, it will have very little appeal for anyone Madonna’s age, or those 10 years younger.

This lends an air of desperation to the proceedings, violently underscored whenever Madonna dips into the “talk dirty to me” nonsense suggested by song titles like “Girl Gone Wild” and “Gang Bang.”

....An air of corporate cynicism stinks up the room as “MDNA” struts through, knocking your drink off the table without stopping to apologize. This is due in part to the laundry list of “cocreators” hauled in to make their mark on the mess.

....Among them are Priscilla Renea, (Rihanna, Selena Gomez) Alain Whyte, (Morrissey) Klas Ahlund, (Robyn) Jean-Baptiste, (Chris Brown, Black Eyed Peas) and the aforementioned Orbit. A naked attempt to cover all of the contemporary pop bases, this “call everyone who has had a hit since the last time I released an album” approach should be insulting to Madonna fans.

....Perhaps more significantly, “MDNA” is Madonna’s first release since she split with Warner Bros. and signed a $120 million deal with Interscope Records and Live Nation, the concert-promoting behemoth that will also handle the singer’s tour behind the album.

This makes it incredibly difficult to view “MDNA” as anything but a promotional vehicle for the tour, which will surely earn more millions than the poor saps who shell out between $100 and $300 per ticket can even fathom in their most Donald Trump-like fantasies.

“MDNA” is icky on its own. Factor in the whole Live Nation thing, and it becomes downright gross.

> MDNA’ lacks DNA

Posted on Apr 02, 2012 by Shannon Corcoran

Madonna is back, and it’s not good, at all. After a three-year hiatus following her rather decent effort, “Celebration,” the recently released “MDNA” is a total letdown, to put it mildly.

There is no way to put it nicely. This record is a total train wreck. Train wreck on the level of Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress. Madonna, you’re 50-something, get out of music and go raise your daughter. You’re only getting worse every year.

The record starts off with “Girl Gone Wild,” a subpar, poorly-produced track that is superbly underwhelming. With a chorus reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” the only word that can accurately describe it is bland. It’s just not the Madonna that millions of people came to love during her early years.

Following “Girl Gone Wild” are even more subpar, unimpressive musical messes. “MDNA” makes it obvious that Madonna has lost all of her spunk. Out of all her work, this record is certainly the most autotuned, not like that says anything though. It is unfortunate that after wowing millions with her impressive Super Bowl performance, she gives fans her arguably worst record to date.

....Skip this record all together. Instead, go buy Katy Perry’s new album. Madonna should just give up her throne to the younger, less autotuned generation because “MDNA” has done nothing but prove that she has lost her appeal.

Beaten on Musical Chart/ Sales/ Polls

Record> Madonna Knocked From Top Spot Nicki Minaj new number one

> Irish artist knocks Madonna off No 1 spot in

The Irish Times - Thursday, April 5, 2012
Jet-propelled by a multimillion-dollar international marketing budget, Madonna’s new album, MDNA, rocketed to the top of the Irish album charts last week.

Yesterday, though she was unceremoniously kicked off the top spot by a stonemason from Co Cork who was busy making a fireplace when he took the call telling him he was the bestselling album artist in Ireland this week.

> Madonna Knocked From Top Spot Nicki Minaj new number one

> Minaj Dislodges Madonna From Top of Charts‎

> Minaj ousts Madonna from top of Billboard chart‎

> Nicki Minaj replaces Madonna on the Billboard Charts

> Nicki Minaj's 'Roman Reloaded' Debuts At #1, Madonna's 'MDNA Suffers Huge Drop

> Album sales: Nicki Minaj scores big debut, Madonna posts record drop

> Nicki Minaj overtakes Madonna on album chart‎ Digital Spy UK

MAR 2012

Bad Fashion

pic> Oh, Madge! The bottom line is no woman over 50 should really be wearing fishnets

> Madonna's Short-Shorts Are All Sorts of Wrong‎

> Madonna's satin shorts squelch her derrière into an unflattering sag

Slams and Put Downs

Slams and Put Downs> Deadmau5 Slams Madonna Over 'Molly,' Ecstasy Reference At Ultra Music Festival

Deadmau5, one of the leading producers of progressive house music, took to Twitter and Facebook to rail against the pop star for what he called grossly irresponsible behavior.

"Very classy there madonna. "HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???" such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra," he posted on Facebook early Monday morning. "quite the f'n philanthropist. but hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! f***ing cant smack my head hard enough right now."

Madonna, who's album MDNA was released today, has yet to respond to the Canadian producer.

To Deadmau5 (who's real name is Joel Zimmerman), Madonna was trading on a negative association to appear relevant. By casually referencing MDMA usage at an event attended by 150,000 concertgoers and streamed online to tens of thousands more, the pop star helped cement an association that Zimmerman and other performers have fought to disprov

> Paul van Dyk Calls Madonna Comment 'So Stupid'

Madonna made "the biggest mistake of her career" at Ultra Music Festival, says electronic music veteran Paul van Dyk.

"I don't think she was thinking much," the DJ/producer told Billboard. "The only thing she was probably thinking was, 'I need to connect with a young crowd,' and she made the biggest mistake of her career."

Van Dyk joins Deadmau5 -- who had a much-publicized Twitter spat with the singer -- in condemning comments she made while introducing Ultra headliner AVICII on Saturday (March 24) to an all-ages crowd of over 50,000. The pop diva praised EDM culture, saying "Electronic music has been a part of my life since the beginning of my career," then posed a question heard 'round the world: "How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?"

Molly is a street name for ecstasy and its derivatives.

"Madonna was so stupid to actually call out drug abuse in front of a crowd of 18-year-olds," said van Dyk. "This is not what our music is about. It's really counterproductive."

> Piers Morgan: Madonna's Super Bowl Performance Was "Gruesome"‎

> Madonna vs. Piers Morgan, Twitter Edition: Is the Girl Gone Wild Really Banned From His Show?

> Piers Morgan I Want Madonna to Apologize To Me ... ON BENDED KNEE

> Banned! Piers Morgan forbids Madonna from both his US and UK shows as he welcomes her to Twitter

> KISS: Madonna Doesn't Belong in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



> Madonna May Be Charged Under St Petersburg Anti-Gay Law

> Madonna should be denied Russian Visa says theologian

> St. Petersburg's anti-gay law: Canadian travel in Russia cautioned, Vancouver author protests

> Madonna Vows To Oppose St. Petersburg's 'Gay Propaganda' Law During Upcoming Performance

> Madonna Vows to Oppose Gay Propaganda Law in Putin's Hometown

> Russian gay activists target Madonna concert

Activists, who had earlier called on tourists to boycott the picturesque tsarist-era city, accused Madonna of hypocrisy after the star confirmed she would go ahead with her Saint Petersburg concert despite the "ridiculous" law.

A promoter of gay causes throughout her career and icon of its community, Madonna also promised to talk about it and condemn it on stage. But Russia's gay activists remained unimpressed.

"We intend to protest against the hypocrisy of pop stars," the head of the city's branch of Gay Russia movement Yury Gavrikov told AFP.

"In Russia, they have fantastic earnings, and this allows them to forget about the problems of human rights."

"If people like Madonna boycott their concerts particularly in Saint Petersburg that could have economic consequences, and that is important, while declarations of support for gay rights at concerts mean nothing."

Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen had appealed to Madonna to pull out of the concerts in a Monday blog entry on the The New York Times' website.

> Madonna May Be Charged Under St Petersburg Anti-Gay Law

Has Been / Desperate/ Irrelevant

oldlady > What happened to Madonna

> Madonna now most successful UK album artist ever but is she too old?

> Is It All Over For Madonna?

As recent headlines suggest, it may be too late for Madonna to reinvent herself as the mature artist she could have been.

By Neil McCormick

...For all the sleek modernity, contemporary electro groove styling and sharp, alluring marketing of her new offerings, there is something awry about Madonna's latest incarnation.

From the scene-stealing, finger-flipping incident with cheerleader MIA at the Super Bowl to the over-18 rating slapped by YouTube on a self-consciously provocative video for Madonna's new single, Girl Gone Wild, the once sure-footed pop tactitian has been made to appear out of step, no longer ahead of the curve but rather desperately trying to keep up. The latest unseemly Twitter row with a DJ in a mouse helmet about alleged drug references exposes fault-lines in Madonna's attempts to stay in with the in-crowd.

.... Canadian superstar electro DJ Joel Zimmerman, who performs as Deadmau5, behaved like a petulant prude, taking to Twitter to angrily denounce Madonna as “an idiot” appropriating “hipster speak for looking for drugs.”

“It really hurts me to see rampant advocation of extreme bull**** lifestyles,” Zimmerman grumbled, apparently in denial about the historic links between drug use and the techno music scene that has made him a star.

Yet for her part, Madonna was made to look weak and dissembling when she responded, “I don't support drug use and I never have”, claiming she was actually making a spurious and irrelevant reference to a song called Have You Seen Molly by “my friend Cedric Gervais who I almost worked with on my album.”


David Banda> Madonna criticised by Malawi president for 'changing her mind' over plans to build schools

Joyce Banda, Malawi's new president, has expressed concern over Madonna's adoption of children from her country and criticised her for "changing her mind" over plans to build schools there.

By Aislinn Laing, Pretoria
7:00PM BST 30 Apr 2012
Mrs Banda said the pop star was not "barred" from returning to Malawi, known as the Warm Heart of Africa, but that her charitable involvement in the country was over.

"Madonna came to Malawi to build a school, an academy like the one Oprah (Winfrey) build in South Africa, but she changed her mind," she told The Daily Telegraph.

> Madonna caught in a $15m lie?

> Madonna Blasted By Government of Malawi

> Malawi "fed up" with Madonna, slams school plans

> Malawi 'fed up' with Madonna

> Madonna go home: Malawi ‘fed up’ with Madonna’s school plans

> Malawi "fed up" with Madonna, slams school plans

Malawi's government on Tuesday accused Madonna of not consulting over her plans to build 10 new schools in the poor southern African state and said the singer seemed more interested in promoting her global image than helping with education there.

....Malawi's Ministry of Education spokeswoman Lindiwe Chide told Reuters the government was "fed up" with Madonna.

Chide said that when the singer last year scrapped a previously planned academy for girls in Malawi, alleging mismanagement and cost overruns, she did not inform Malawian authorities.

"Now she decides to announce that she plans to build 10 schools without getting authority from us again," Chide said.

"We now feel like this is all about propping up her global image and not in our interest," she added.

Madonna could not immediately be reached for comment on Chide's remarks.

> Madonna in charity funding backflip

> Madonna leaves Malawi 'struggling'‎

> How Madonna is accused of duplicity and cutting cash for charities in the struggling country where she adopted her children

By Raphael Tenthani

Thursday March 29 2012

MADONNA has been accused of broken promises after scaling back her charity efforts in Malawi.

Madonna adopted two children -- David and Mercy, both now six -- from Malawi in 2006 and 2009.

Children's welfare groups had expressed concern about the adoptions, saying rules meant to protect children were bent because of Madonna's celebrity.

It was also perhaps out of gratitude for what she had done -- and was expected to do -- for Malawi.

Shortly after adopting Mercy in 2009, Madonna broke ground for a $15m (e11.2m) academy for girls in Malawi.

Photos of the singer turning the soil on the school were featured around the world.

However, earlier this year, her Raising Malawi foundation announced that instead of building the academy, it is providing $300,000 (e224,000) to develop 10 schools.

Now Malawi's education minister is complaining his government has been left out in Madonna's plans to drastically scale back charity efforts.

> Madonna's promises in Malawi turn sour

Celebrity promises have turned to disappointment, finger-pointing and lawsuits in Malawi, an impoverished and troubled southern African country where Madonna has drastically scaled back charity efforts.

Some Malawi officials say Madonna's changes in plans have taken them by surprise, but Madonna's camp says the government has been informed and involved in the new agenda.

> Madonna Gets Off Cheap Building African Schools

> Madonna Is "Like a Virgin" in Philanthropy with Malawi Education Project

MDNA & MDNA Video Reviews

MDNA album cover> Is it the 1980s again? Madonna video shocks some, bores others

> CD review: Madonna's 'MDNA'

By Preston Jones
Forget the paparazzi and the tabloids -- pop stars' most cruel enemy is time.

Like a gaudy glitter bomb tossed in an effort to stave off retirement, Madonna's 12th studio album, MDNA, lays bare its creator's neuroses. The once-dominant pop icon seems to be scrambling for market share in an era respectful of, but ultimately indifferent to, her multiplatinum career.

How else to explain the youth-baiting appearances from Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.? The Material Girl works overtime to link the past with the present throughout the overlong MDNA. Give Me All Your Luvin' name-checks Lucky Star, while thumping album opener Girl Gone Wild fleetingly alludes to the religious controversies surrounding Like a Prayer. And Some Girls strains to stir memories of Madge's provocative Erotica era.

The coup de grace? That would be the reference to Michael Jordan (who, at last check, hasn't played basketball in nearly 10 years) during Superstar.

Were it not for the dazzling, chic production skills of William Orbit, Benny Benassi and Martin Solveig, among others, MDNA would be the aural equivalent of going clubbing with your parents.

> Madonna struggles to convey originality in this desperate attempt at being risqué

3 out of 5 stars

Lead single Give Me All Your Luvin was, commercially, Madonna’s worst-performing since her debut

by Gavin Martin

...So all the bases are covered, but lyrically this is a sorry case of one of the greatest pop writers falling into cliché and uninspired re-runs of old ideas. Everywhere you look, MDNA shamelessly and cynically recycles the past – and often it’s not even Madonna’s past.

Cyndi Lauper’s “girls just wanna have fun” is the recurring hook on the opening Girl Gone Wild. And, bizarrely, there are also tracks called Some Girls and Give Me All Your Luvin, titles previously used by the Stones and ZZ Top.

Among some breathtakingly bad lyrics there are the increasingly desperate attempts to come across as risque or taboo-breaking. I’m A Sinner invokes “Jesus and Mother Mary” but is a pale reflection of how she manipulated religious iconography in Like A Prayer. With its title, and use of martial beat and artillery sounds, Gang Bang seeks to stir controversy to little avail. The embarrassing designer swagger is shadowed by the gunshot riff of Beautiful Killer, one of five extra tracks on the deluxe version of the album.

Lead single Give Me All Your Luvin was, commercially, Madonna’s worst-performing since her debut. ...

> Madonna - ‘MDNA’ album review

Released 26 Mar 2012 | Interscope
By Paul Leake

...The problem with ‘MDNA’ is that the genius collaboration between Madonna and William Orbit is only 50% of the album.

The rest of it is generic dance-pop that sounds as desolately soulless as you would expect from a reality TV winner.

> Bondage crazy Madonna, 53, gyrates in chains as she refuses to give up the game in Girl Gone Wild video teaser

> Oh, Madonna. She’s quite the lyricist – “I F—ed Up.”

> Madonna's on a roll

By Juliana June Rasul
The New Paper
Wednesday, Mar 21, 2012
All is right with the world.

After Madonna's 2008 album Hard Candy revealed that she was ageing neither gracefully nor interestingly, the 53-year-old US pop star's latest effort, MDNA, is a return to form.

MDNA, out here next Monday, has been overwhelmingly well-received by critics. [note from Flea: this was written before the negative reviews of MDNA and its second week sales slump hit the news]

...And "really, really cool" would be the summation of how most music critics feel towards MDNA.

But is that enough to pull Madonna ahead of the pack? She is a good two to three decades older than the contemporaries she is trying to outdo, like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

...The reviews have piqued enough interest in one-time Madonna listener Hossan Leong to give the album a shot.

But so far, he isn't terribly impressed.

The local DJ-host told TNP: "From the things I've seen and the things she's said, I just think, 'Wow, this woman is really struggling to make a comeback."

Her collaboration with Minaj and M.I.A., in particular, didn't go down well with Leong.

"It sounds so much like 'Hey Mickey, you're so fine', you know? I mean, so much for her calling Lady Gaga reductive!" he said, referring to Madonna's subtle put-down of Gaga's Born This Way single in Newsweek in January, which, she noted, was a "wonderful way to redo my song (Express Yourself)".

> Nicki, Madonna sound stale

Published 28 Feb 2012 at 9:39 AM By Chris Nguyen

Madonna - ‘Girl Gone Wild’

Despite the huge hype of her Super Bowl performance and worldwide radio release that preceded Madonna’s first single “Give Me All You Luvin,” the song has all but disappeared from consciousness after the Super Bowl. For an entertainer that thrives on cultural relevancy (in the best way possible), it was likely a big scare, explaining the rush release of second single, “Girl Gone Wild.”

And oh dear. Against a four-on-the-floor beat heard time and time again from Benny Benassi, Madonna unconvincingly sings, “I’ve got that burning hot fire” in paper-thin and high vocals. Madonna proved with 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor that she could still groove even with Euro-dance beats. Apparently, she now equates fun with stupidity, reaching the for the lowest common denominator. Where she once commanded listeners to Vogue, she’s now picking leftovers from Deadmau5’s musical trashcan.

> Madonna Rehashes Cyndi Lauper Song from 1984‎

> The no-fun professionalism of Madonna's new single, 'Girl Gone Wild'

> Madonna's New Music Rehashes 1984 Cyndi Lauper

FEB 2012

First Single Off New "MDNA" Album Is A Flop

MDNA album cover> Madonna single branded flop in US

> Madonna's new single flops

> Madonna's new single to drop out of Top 40 charts already


Despite Madonna's elaborate PR stunt at the Superbowl earlier this month, sales figures reveal her new single to have been one of the biggest flops of her career.

Give Me All Your Luvin' was unveiled to a record audience of 114 million in the US at the Super Bowl on 5 February - plus millions more globally - with a performance which turned into a headline-grabbing controversy, but it has become one of her biggest UK chart flops.

After debuting at a lowly 37 at the weekend, the song - the first taste of her new album, MDNA - will drop out of the top 40 completely this weekend.

Latest sales figures suggest it could plummet down to 51 on Sunday if current levels continue.

> Madonna track to drop out of Top 40‎

Superbowl Performance, Part 2

There are more negative reviews of Madonna's Super Bowl performance below.

Football> No spark in Madonna’s boring Super Bowl performance


by Jeff Simon
Updated: February 7, 2012, 7:44 AM

....But if her [Madonna's] late middle age is any indication, she has become a crashing bore.

...Her halftime show at the Super Bowl was the all-time worst in a performance art internationally known for transforming pop music vitality into godawful corporate overkill.

Humor / Internet

This is from a parody Will Smith Twitter account, but whomever wrote this believes it's by the actual film star:

> RIP Madonna. You aren't dead, but your career is: Will Smith

Smith tweeted, "RIP Madonna. You aren't dead, but you're career is (in this picture). (sic)". And, provided a hyperlink along, which shows Madonna sitting on the shoulders of one of the guys of the band LMAO with a bold message written at the bottom of the picture saying "I'M SIXTY AND I KNOW IT (sic)"!

This tweet was retweeted immediately by thousands of Twitter followers of Smith's, and soon the picture was all across the web.


This is a pretty good editorial, except for one or two lines, like the one where the author says that Madonna has "boatloads of originality." No, Madonna does not, as has been documented at the discussion board, a little at this site, and Super Amanda's list of Madonna's rip offs.

> She can't dance: Here's how Madonna can get her smooth moves back


By Nancy Wozny
02.18.12 | 12:00 pm

....Shaky balance, plodding moves, and drab choreography characterized her Roman extravaganza. Missing was her usual all hands-on-deck approach that so enlivened her shows and videos in the past.

It's not an age issue either; Madonna canceled her own aging. You could see her thinking, step one, kick two, and so on. Looking overly careful, she played it safe. Really? For the Super Bowl? And with a world tour coming up, including a Houston stop on Oct. 24.

One thing was clear. The material girl is not in class. If she is, she should get her money back.

....Without a set of killer good pipes like Grammy sweeper Adele, the pop icon wisely made theatricality, physicality and her ultra-toned shape her M.O.

Dancers related to Madonna's inclusion of sophisticated choreography and her own rigorous, for a pop star, training. She was never a great dancer, but knew how to surround herself with performers who made her look better.

....Sadly, her [Madonna's] chiseled, rail thin bod failed her when it came to actually dancing.

Madonna-directed "WE" movie Bad Reviews - (Part 2)

WE FilmThere are many more negative reviews of the Madonna-directed "WE" movie farther down this page.

> Madonna’s royal ‘W.E.’ is no high-class affair


By James Verniere
Friday, February 10, 2012

In the shallow, often deadly dull “W.E.,” director/co-writer Madonna pays some sort of tribute to one of the most famous love stories of the 20th century.

> "W.E." Are Not Amused with Madonna

W.E. -- Dir. Madonna (The Weinstein Company) -- 1 Star
Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012
“W.E.,” a new movie about a historical love story, is the confused brainchild of scriptwriter and director Madonna. You may have heard of her: singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, designer, author, philanthropist, and Kabbalist. However, there is a reason you rarely hear about her directing endeavors, and it is not because her Super Bowl performances overshadow them.

Her first directorial flop, “Filth and Wisdom”—more filth than wisdom— solidified her negative reputation for filmmaking. It is clear that she hoped to win critics back with “W.E.” but neither the big budget nor the big hopes could save this movie, an inappropriate comparison between an interesting moment in history and a modern-day flake.

....The absence of plot is palpable as the film constantly shuttles between time periods. After 15 minutes, the remix becomes an unceasing headache.

If the film has any continuity it is the theme of errant violence—violence done to the characters and to the viewers—coursing through an otherwise weak script.

> W.E. - top marks for casting but otherwise a disappointment‎

by Ed Gibbs

....Forget the little-seen shorter effort (2008's Filth and Wisdom). Given its dismissal, this fresh assault was plugged as being the real deal.

....Alas, despite its bold if bizarre remit, W.E. proves to be indeed a stinker.

.... The problem is, aside from the ticking of the camera tricks off the list, the story makes little sense.

....After nearly two hours of a tepid, wandering narrative, closing time does not come soon enough.

> Material Hurl


February 16, 2012

• Madonna’s historical romance W.E. lives up to its horrible hype

Oh Madonna, that relentless beast of a woman.

When she comes back, she goes big, with a Super Bowl halftime lip-sync extravaganza and a new song featuring bad girls du jour Nicki Minaj and fin­ger-waving M.I.A, with Madgey-poo proving that one is never too old to pine for that “L-U-V.”

The old bag was probably hoping that the wisely timed release of her latest single, as well as the video in which she gyrates on top of a pile of football players and throws a baby, would eclipse the North American release of W.E., the film she directed and co-wrote, destroyed by critics everywhere.

....As someone who grew up dancing around to “Like A Prayer,” I wanted to give this film a chance, but the only redeeming quality I can find is that Riseborough wears pretty dresses and gives a decent per­formance. The characters are underdeveloped; Cornish is especially weak as the woman weirdly obsessed with going to the museum and staring at Simpson’s old jewellery.

Madonna the director tries to gloss over Madonna the scriptwriter’s lame plot with cheesy style and a constant abundance of classical music (at one point, weirdly interrupted by a Sex Pistols song).

....But whatever, “talent” has never been Madonna’s strong suit; she’s a non-stop marketing machine and there’s nothing we can do to stop her. Also, since she’s immortal, she’ll have the last laugh any­way, with centuries ahead of her to direct more movies about every “strong but vulnerable” female icon who ever walked the Earth: Eve, Marie Curie, Rebecca Black, whatever! Cue “Give Me All Your Luvin’!”

Lawsuit Over Allegedly Stealing Song

Madonna rips off other people> Madonna accused of copying song

> Madonna Accused of Plagiarizing 'Give Me All Your Luvin'‎

> Madonna Set To Be Sued By Brazilian Producer Over New Single?

> Like A Prayer! Madonna heads to Kabbalah service as it emerges she's being sued for plagiarism

> Madonna Could Get Sued for Plagiarizing 'Banana' Song

by Aida Ekberg
February 15, 2012 04:25 PM EST
Madonna called Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way" "reductive" because it sounds so similar to her '80s hit "Express Yourself," but Mama Monster isn't the only one who stands accused of copying another artist.

Madge shouldn't be so quick to judge Gaga since her Super Bowl performance of "Give Me All Your Luvin'" was somewhat reminiscent of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" music video with its use of spelling, cheerleaders, chants, and a marching band. However, Gwen isn't the artist who plans on suing the Queen of Pop for plagiarism.

But strangely enough, the artist in question also spells words and references bananas in his song "L.O.V.E. Banana."

Brazilian singer Joao Brasil claims that parts of the Material Girl's song "Give Me All Your Luvin'" sound strikingly similar to his tune. His song features the chant "L-O-V-E banana," which sounds a bit like Madge's "L-U-V Madonna." However, since the music, tempo, and verses of both songs sound quite different, it might just be a coincidence.

According to Digital Spy, Brasil doesn't want to sue Madonna for plagiarism, and would actually be honored if she referenced his song. He also doesn't want a legal battle with Madge, but his record company is contemplating a lawsuit.

It would be rather funny if she did get sued for plagiarism after all the criticism Lady Gaga has gotten for copying the Queen of Pop, but If Madge does get taken to court over the song similarities, maybe she can accuse Brasil of copying Gwen Stefani with his banana reference.

> Did Madonna Copy Another Song For Her Latest Hit?

> Madonna to Face Lawsuit Over "Give Me All Your Luvin"


> Madonna, Author of 'Sex' and Singer of 'Erotica,' Slams M.I.A. for Super Bowl Middle Finger

By Lucas Shaw at TheWrap
Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:25pm EST
While phoning into Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show on Friday, Madonna blasted M.I.A. for flipping the bird during their Super Bowl halftime performance.

“I was really surprised,” the Queen of Pop told Seacrest. “I didn’t know anything about it. I wasn’t happy about it. I understand it’s punk rock and everything, but to me there was such a feeling of love and good energy, and positivity it seemed negative. It’s such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do […] what was the point? It was just out of place.”

For those that missed the live event -- all four of you -- Madonna, having ditched her late-blooming British accent, performed during the halftime show donning her take on a cowgirl outfit and pom poms. During the performance, M.I.A., the 36-year old resident of ritzy Los Angeles enclave Brentwood, raised her middle finger.

The Parents Television Council was horrified, and both the NFL and NBC, which aired the game, apologized. The NFL blamed the NBC for not censoring it while the NBC reminded the NFL who booked the guest.

Now we can add Madonna to the list of those upset.

How can you blame her? She’s never done anything obscene, offensive or controversial.

Sure, there was the time she made out with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at MTV's Video Music Awards. No crime there, just some steamy girl-on-girl action on a network primarily catering to teenagers.

There was her book, titled “Sex,” filled with sexually provocative images. At least it was in black and white, so how provocative could it be?

There was the album “Erotica” with songs titled “Deeper and Deeper” and “Bad Girl,” but those are just euphemisms.

There was her “erotic thriller” titled “Body of Evidence,” which no one saw.

The time she said “f***” 13 times on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Oh, and there was “W.E.” Well, nothing graphic there, just underwhelming.

We should stop there, but keep wagging that finger, Madonna.

Feminism/ Ageism / Sexism

FeminismI am not in total agreement with all views expressed in this editorial:

> Is Madonna-Hate Always Sexist?


While I agree with Wolf that Madonna-hate is a real and strange thing, I have to dispute her eager jump to sexism as the explanation. Not because women aren’t often judged by different rules than men in certain areas—double standards are our culture’s bread and butter; it’s just that Madonna, at least in the way that Wolf appraises her, is not a genuis in any medium.

....The underlying motivation of Madonna-hate could just as easily be directed at a man (the artist Damien Hirst comes to mind) or really anyone who refuses to let pesky little things like genuine talent or originality get in their way.

Clear Channel Pushing Madonna's new single/album

MDNA album coverMadonna has a new album called MDNA. Its first single is "Give Me All Your Luvin." Clear Channel has been having radio stations play this song repeatedly the past few days.

I guess the album can't make it on its own merits, but needs fans buying multiple copies of it and tons of marketing by Clear Channel.

> Madonna's 'Luvin' ' Makes Super Start at Radio

by Gary Trust, N.Y. | February 06, 2012 11:45 EST
Madonna's new single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," which she performed at the halftime festivities of last night's (Feb. 5) Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, blasts onto multiple radio format charts.

Aided by Clear Channel's promotion of the song - participating pop stations in the chain played it at the top of every hour from Friday at 9 a.m. ET until the game's kickoff last night - "Luvin'," featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., soars onto Billboard's Nielsen BDS-based Pop Songs chart at No. 24 as the format's Greatest Gainer (2,766 opening-week plays).

> Clear Channel's Worldwide Multi-Platform Promotion of Madonna's New Single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" Helps Propel MDNA Album to No. 1 on iTunes, Drives Record-Breaking Sales

> Clear Channel banners Madonna across multiple platforms

> Clear Channel, Madonna Partner To Launch Premiere Of 'Give Me All Your Luvin'

> Madonna partners with Clear Channel to promote latest single‎

Older Brother News

Book: Life With My Sister Madonna> Madonna's Homeless Brother Was At The Super Bowl - In The Parking Lot!

> Revealed: As Madonna performed the biggest gig of her career at the Super Bowl her homeless brother Anthony sat outside in the car park

> Madonna's Homeless Brother in Super Bowl Parking Lot During Her Performance

Greedy - tour tickets to be very expensive

money> They're how much? Madonna fans living in a material world

> Madonna fans are Hung Up by high ticket prices

> Madonna Says You Should "Work All Year" To Buy A Ticket To Her Show

> Madonna says 'work all year, save your pennies' to see her tour

Madonna believes that it will be well "worth it" for fans to pay $300 a pop to see her next tour.

As the Material Girl told Newsweek about her plans to tour in support of her upcoming album, "M.D.N.A," the star seemed highly dismissive of fan complaints about high ticket prices.

"Start saving your pennies now," said Madonna. "People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I’m worth it."

But Madonna -- who will perform during halftime show at this weekend's Super Bowl -- has a bigger problem on her hands: getting people to spend the $13 for a ticket to see her movie, "W.E." Her recent comments about the film hardly sound like a rousing endorsement.

Granny Hands, Manly Arms

Ugly> Is that your latest anti-ageing technique? Madonna hides her hands beneath red fingerless gloves as she attends W.E. London premiere

> Joan Rivers explains why Madonna wears gloves

by Marissa Pessolano
Rivers says it is an attempt to cover wrinkly hands

Madonna has been sporting fingerless gloves at public events and Joan Rivers has offered an explanation as to why.

"She's not picking up the glove from Michael Jackson, she's trying to hide those wrinkly old hands. Believe me, you can hide a lot of things, but the hands always give it away," says Rivers, quoted by The Huffington Post. But I feel bad for Madonna -- whenever you are that successful you are controversial. People love to hate you. Look at Angelina Jolie: I have never met the b***h and I despise her," she continued.

Madonna has been wearing the gloves quite often, as the singer is rarely photographed in public without some type of glove covering her hands. The gloves even made an appearance at the Super Bowl press conference as well as the half time performance.

The Daily Mail points out that the sign of aging can be seen on a woman's neck and her hands. When Madonna attended the premiere of her new film, W.E., she wore a black dress complete with red fingerless gloves. She also concealed her neck from view.

> Bulging biceps and tiny waist: Gym junkie Madonna is back on form... and with those muscles could be competing in the Super Bowl herself

Possible Rip Off (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga> Madonna's 2012 outfit looks very similiar to a 2010 Lady Gaga tour outfit


Beaten In Polls/ Charts, music related

The last I checked, Madonna was being beaten in a poll at this page:

> Madonna v Kelly - who would you prefer at Super Bowl

The results were (last I checked):

Kelly 55%

Madonna 45%

Total Votes: 123,058

Superbowl Appearance

Football> Madonna half-time show falls flat‎


I was expecting a live performance. Instead, I'm pretty sure some guy hit "play" on a CD in a sound booth somewhere while Madonna and her army of Trojan soldiers bopped around on stage.

Madonna, dressed in some sort of Cleopatra-inspired getup, performed her hit song "Vogue" and briefly did some shufflin' and various awkward stretches with LMFAO. Then Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and a chorus of cheerleaders took to the stage and joined Madonna in a performance of a new song entitled, "Give Me All Your Luvin'."

It was at this time that Madonna picked up a pair of pompoms and joined the cheerleaders in their routine.

Madonna, you look great but you're 53 years old and are probably already receiving solicitation in the mail from AARP. Stop gyrating across the stage in your stripper boots and put down those pompoms; you could throw out your hip.

> STATS: Cee Lo Was More Popular Than Madonna In The Super Bowl Halftime Show

by Aly Weisman | Feb. 6, 2012, 5:58 PM
Think headliner Madonna was the highlight of Sunday night's Super Bowl halftime show performance?

Think again.

According to ClearSpring, the most tweeted about/Facebooked/e-mailed/printed/overall social-media's most clicked upon celeb of the night was none other than Cee Lo Green.

Cee Lo beat out not only Madonna as the most talked about on the internet during the big game, but also Kelly Clarkson, M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.

> Piers Morgan: Madonna's Super Bowl Performance Was "Gruesome"‎

Piers Morgan has yet another bone to pick with Madonna.

Following the 53-year-old Material Girl's Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show performance in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sunday, Morgan, 46, lambasted the singer on E!'s Chelsea Lately Monday.

"That Super Bowl performance -- it was like watching your mad drunken aunt at Christmas, wasn't it?" Morgan asked host Chelsea Handler, 36. "I keep reading all these celebrities tweeting like, 'Wasn't she awesome?' No she wasn't! She was gruesome!"

It's not the first time Morgan has publicly complained about the "Give Me All Your Luvin'" singer, who he banned from CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight in January 2011.

> Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance gets mixed reviews

I know the Madonna-worshipers out there will disagree but wouldn’t you think the NFL could come up with a better halftime show than a 1980s pop singer on the downslope of her music career.

> Madonna lip-syncs Super Bowl XLVI halftime performance, M.I.A. flips the finger (VIDEOS)

> Super Bowl: Good Game, Wretched Ads, Pathetic Half-Time Show

By David Zurawik The Baltimore Sun

...And then, there was Madonna's zombie halftime show.

I can't recall the last time I saw a major TV production so desperately in need of a guiding concept. And that includes the obscene gesture from one of the other performers, which typifies the utter lack of imagination from beginning to end of Madonna's so-called performance...

But what the hell was she doing? Was it ancient Egypt with the Cleopatra entrance? Or was it ancient Rome with the toga boy bouncing on the wire in front of her? (Hey, at least toga boy brought about five seconds of energy to that death march of a production.)

Oh wait, I know, it was supposed to American circa 1950s high school football with Madonna waving pom-poms as a cheerleader.

No wrong again, because now Madonna is standing in front of a huge choir full of people in robes – and she’s acting as if she’s almost singing. I say almost, because there is not a whit of artistic aspiration in the star performer or the production as far I can tell.

But hey, that’s our sad-sack, super-sized, gross American culture these days, isn't it. And it is perfectly suited for empty Super Bowl half-time spectacle. When you don’t have real energy, true conviction, religious belief, art or transcendence, just trot out a monstrous, phony, show-biz choir of singers clapping their hands and looking heavenward as they strut and prance around the lip-synching star.

Thank goodness there was real emotion on the field in a thrilling, 21-17 Giants victory.

> Madonna upstaged by MIA's middle finger‎

> Madonna sells, sells, sells at Super Bowl halftime

But the song [Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'"] fell flat for other reasons – it just isn’t arresting in the way prime Madonna could be. Rhyming “Ya wanna” with “Madonna,” recasting herself as a cheerleader for a sport that she’s barely noticed in decades past – it was the Material Girl who couldn’t deliver the goods.

> Pop music review: Madonna at the Super Bowl

We saw Madonna looking absolutely silly as a 53-year-old cheerleader with equally noncheerleaders M.I.A. and rapper Minaj, and, perhaps most improbable of all, Madonna in front of a church choir pretending to be chaste.

> Madonna's Half-Time Show Gets Mixed Reviews

> Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show was a stiff spectacle‎

> Is Madonna a vampire or a cannibal?

> Madonna Halftime Show at Super Bowl Upstaged By MIA Middle Finger‎

> Madonna fails to ignite Super Bowl halftime sparks


Updated: February 5, 2012 9:38 PM

In the run-up to her Super Bowl Halftime Show, Madonna talked of being uncharacteristically nervous about her performance.

After seeing it, that makes sense. Her 12-minute extravaganza felt uncharacteristically tentative for a superstar known for breaking down barriers to get her way.

....It was all sufficiently big and flashy and entertaining. It just lacked the element of surprise that we've come to expect from Madonna. It also lacked any sort of emotional connection. (Sorry, ending the show with a hologram of "World Peace" doesn't really count.)

....Far more upsetting was the way Madonna shoehorned LMFAO into her set, having them do snippets of "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I Know It" while she pranced around them. The Material Girl-era Madonna wouldn't dream of sharing the stage that way.

Another problem was Cee Lo Green's attempt to deliver the gospel howl of "Like a Prayer," which fell a bit short of the original.

> Madonna upstaged by MIA's middle finger‎

Ripped Off Marilyn Monroe (AGAIN) & others

Marilyn MonroeMadonna released a new music video a few days ago called "Give Me All Your Luvin'" (view it on You Tube if you're feeling brave) in which, towards the end of the video, she copies a look most associated with Marilyn Monroe (short, curly/wavy hair; prominent mole on cheek; red lip stick).

Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'" song (and some of the dance moves in the video) appear to be ripped off from

Dandy Warhols "Bohemian Like You" (Hat tip Super Amanda)


"Dance to the Beat of My Drum" by Nicola Roberts

> Madonna's "Give Me All Your Luvin'" Video Mixes Football With Marilyn Monroe—Watch Full Clip Now!

The trio [Madonna and her video's two guest stars] even pays homage to Marilyn Monroe, rocking curly blonde bobs, diamonds and white lacey dresses.

> Madonna is still obsessed with Marilyn Monroe in Give Me All Your Luvin

The singer [Madonna] may have made millions reinventing her image during her illustrious 32-year career but there is one look that she's reusing again (and again)… the iconic Marilyn Monroe ultra feminine guise.

Madonna originally dressed as the 50s movie star in her Material Girl video in 1985, six years later she recycled the look first at the Oscars, and now, her latest offering is in the Give Me All Your Luvin video.

In the just-released footage, the 53-year old dons a platinum blonde wig with a high-necked white lace dress complete with a perfectly placed black beauty spot.

As she squats and moves in a futuristic looking bar, Madonna is joined by M.I.A and Nicki Minaj both clad in short curly blonde wigs and white dresses.

Lawsuits / Legal Problems

Legal Problems> 'Girls Gone Wild' Creator Madonna ... You Sing that Song And I'll Sue!!!

> Madonna Threatened With Lawsuit By “Girls Gone Wild” Creator‎

> 'Girls Gone Wild' founder tries to halt Madonna song

> Girls Gone Wild Director Tells Madonna "Cease and Desist"

> Madonna's Super Bowl Show Under Threat Of Lawsuit

> Girls Gone Wild Creator Threatens Madonna With Super Bowl Lawsuit

Madonna-directed "WE" movie Bad Reviews

WE Film > Madonna’s Super Bowl Show Didn’t Send Fans to Theaters: $4K Monday for “W.E.”

by Roger Friedman

....her performance did not send theatregoers to the movies on Monday to see “W.E.” At four theaters– two in New York, two in Los Angeles–the total total total take was $4,719.

That means — if tickets were $10– that 470 Madonna fans in the country’s two hippest cities got up off their couches and said, “Let’s see W.E.”

> Madonna’s “W.E.”–cleverly redubbed “WTF?” by Kyle Smith in the New York Post


By: Roger Friedman

Madonna may be getting ready for her big Super Bowl half time show on Sunday. But her movie, “W.E.” has opened to the worst reviews of her entire horridso called film career. “W.E.”–cleverly redubbed “WTF?” by Kyle Smith in the New York Post, has scored a measly 18% on That’s out of 100%.

Critics around the country and the world-especially the British papers–hate it.

....“W.E.” is an odd and off putting movie, that’s for sure. The dialogue is crass, the sense of history is derived from skipping high school classes.

> 'W.E.' review: Madonna's embarrassing week continues

Matt Pais RedEye movie critic
February 9, 2012
*1/2 (out of four)
“W.E.” may be Madonna’s second directorial effort, but she still tells a story like a virgin.

Guiding a script she wrote/botched with Alek Keshishian, the Material Girl takes a step forward visually from 2008’s sloppy, incoherent “Filth and Wisdom, which isn’t saying much. Unfortunately she also remains totally incompetent when it comes to shaping a story around humans with credible human feelings.

[snip movie plot summary]

Even more problematically, Madonna again demonstrates horrid instincts as both writer and director, featuring dream sequences in which Wallis talks to Wally and absurdly emphasized smacks of a gavel during the auction. (It’s just a sale, not a death sentence.) Based on her awkward Super Bowl halftime performance, the time she spent making the grueling, deeply unromantic “W.E.” would have been better spent on dance practice.

> Madonna as director: A material ‘W.E.’

Gary Thompson, Daily News Film Critic
Philadelphia Daily News

....Otherwise, it's a demented, wealth-besotted, royal-slurping Cartier commercial that also functions as an airbrushed account of the relationship between Britain's King Edward VIII (James D'Arcy) and Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough), the Baltimore lass for whom he gave up his throne.

...."Third Reich Honeymoon" is not a title that Madonna considered. In fact, there's a lot of clumsy exposition in "W.E." inserted to explain it all away. Wallis moans that Edward's notorious Hitler handshake spawned "rumor" and "innuendo" about Nazi sympathies.

I'm shocked that media-savvy Madonna would make such a blunder. You cannot build a character on "I Am Not a Nazi Sympathizer." It's always poor salesmanship.

Certainly it gets in the way of what Madonna argues is the greatest love story of the century. Or second-greatest, next to the one between Madonna and herself.

> There's No Eye in Madonna's "W.E." by Sean Burns

A marvelous 10-car pileup of ostentatious art direction and dated fashion shows in search of reason for being, the sophomore effort from writer-director-hyphenate Madonna is a fascinatingly bad collision of good intentions and decent craftsmanship.

....Dreadfully overlong at almost two hours, W.E. spends a ridiculous amount of time lingering on minutae

> 'W.E.' — Madonna's movie is an attractive mess

> Madonna's latest drama 'WE' follows two women, but leads nowhere

....... The director’s inexperience shows in some frantic camerawork and an over-reliance on time-and-place titles - practically every time a character walks from one room to another, we get “Buckingham Palace, 1936.’’

....As long-form metaphor and/or insightful drama, though, it meanders prettily and emptily toward several false endings and the door prize of a new Madonna song over the end credits. The song is called “Masterpiece.’’ The movie is hardly that.

> Madonna's 'WE' all dressed up, going nowhere -- 1 1/2 stars‎

Michael Phillips Movie critic
February 9, 2012

....It is also seriously wrongheaded. "W.E." trips all over its own ungainly storyline, and placing Wallis' fairy tale inside the story of another, lesser, fictional unhappy princess diary does neither narrative track a favor.

....But Madonna as a director has no discernible idea of how to locate a tone, or a provocative blend of tones. Her camera makes circles around its subjects every chance it gets in ways that evoke — nothing. What a bittersweet waltz it all is! Aren't these people awful? Aren't they fabulous? Really they're neither in "W.E.," which in its shrillness ends up, quite inadvertently, advocating the notion of suffering in silence.

> W.E. City Paper Grade: C+

> WE - Rolling Stone Review - 1 out of 4 stars

Madonna directs again! Oh, no! Oh, yes! A hard lesson should have been learned after Filth and Wisdom, but here's Madge one more time doing something for which she is eminently unsuited – directing.

Madonna's tenacity deserves praise, unlike anything else in this torturously torpid costume drama, except the costumes which gleam with period elegance.

....By the time you realize you don't know what's going on you will have stopped caring. Consider that a mercy.

To close the film, Madonna co-wrote a song, "Masterpiece," which won her a Golden Globe award. Elton John and his partner seemed irked by the choice. I'm irked at the title of song. Nothing having to do with W.E. has any right to be called "Masterpiece."

> Madonna aims high -- and produces her biggest disaster yet‎


"W.E." should settle the question once and for all [if Madonna should have anything to do with movie making]. Here, she assembled a fair-size budget, proven actors and actresses, and an astonishing array of costumes and posh filming locations. So can we, please, finally make a declaration? Madonna needs to accept, at the age of 53, that her talents lie not in the movie business.

What's wrong with "W.E."? How much time do you have?

> Madonna's 'W.E.': The Reviews Are In! -The magic of Madonna's parallel romantic storytelling appears to have been lost on critics.

> Madonna's 'WE' story gets lost in superficiality‎

But it is startling just how vapid the intertwined tales are. The dialogue is particularly wooden, and the entire project feels more like an extended music video than a narrative film.

> WE - Rolling Stone Review (1 out of 4 stars)


By Peter Travers
February 2, 2012

Madonna directs again! Oh, no! Oh, yes! A hard lesson should have been learned after Filth and Wisdom, but here's Madge one more time doing something for which she is eminently unsuited – directing.

Madonna's tenacity deserves praise, unlike anything else in this torturously torpid costume drama, except the costumes which gleam with period elegance.

By the time you realize you don't know what's going on you will have stopped caring. Consider that a mercy.

To close the film, Madonna co-wrote a song, "Masterpiece," which won her a Golden Globe award. Elton John and his partner seemed irked by the choice. I'm irked at the title of song. Nothing having to do with W.E. has any right to be called "Masterpiece."

JAN 2012

Madonna-directed "WE" movie is flop in UK / Bad Reviews

WE Film Hat Tip Super Amanda found this spectacular video review of WE:

> 'We' Review by Mark Kermode on BBC2 (You Tube video)

> Madonna Movie 'WE' Flops At UK Box Office‎

Madonna's directorial debut 'W.E.' failed to chart in the Top 10 of the UK Box Office in its opening weekend.

The drama, which has attracted mixed reviews from critics, took only £182,914 from 172 screenings since its opening on Friday, January 20.

Other negative reviews of WE from January 2012:

> Reviews - New Movies Opening January 20th 2012

> Madonna's W.E v Haywire: Film Face-Off

> An amorous Russian security guard? Madonna's dislocation from reality spreads to her debut feature film W.E


By Chris Tookey
Last updated at 1:18 AM on 20th January 2012
W.E (15)
Verdict: A royal mess
Rating: Star Rating

Cruel critics may list all the ways in which Madonna’s film about the Royal Family in the Thirties is worse than The King’s Speech.

The kindest thing to say about W.E., her addle-pated fanzine to Wallis Simpson, is that it’s not entirely a disaster.

The costumes, jewellery and furnishings are excellent, the cinematography is above reproach and Andrea Riseborough has a noble stab at the impossible, which is to turn the scheming seducer of the spoiled, drippy Edward VIII (James D’Arcy) into a helpless victim.

However, there’s no way to overlook the ineptitude of the screenplay by Madonna and long-time collaborator Alex Keshishian.

In particular, a modern story about a young woman appropriately known as Wally (Abbie Cornish), who endures marital abuse while naively contemplating Wallis’s life, is a hilariously misconceived framing device.

It is also astonishingly dull, taking up too much of the movie and adding nothing to our understanding of Edward and Mrs Simpson’s relationship.

Madonna’s dislocation from reality is everywhere, not least in her invention of an amorous Russian security guard at Sotheby’s (Oscar Isaac).

....The film also, crucially, fails to make us feel anything for either of its central couples. Madonna is a cold, emotionless actress, and this carries over into her directing style.

Stylistically, the picture is a shambles...

....Madonna glosses over the extent to which her two heroes fraternised with Hitler and other prominent Nazis. Her purpose is to worship her Madonna-like central character for finding fame, wealth and love, only to discover life at the top is no picnic either.

So making this film may be worthwhile therapy for Madge, but it’s a colossal, narcissistic bore for the rest of us.

> WE More costume than drama from this limp period romance directed by Madonna

> Film Review: 'W.E.'

> Cinema: Review - James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough in Madonna's W.E - Rating: 1 Out Of 5 Stars



Whatever the mega-rich star is up to, she should never be allowed to go anywhere near a director’s camera again.

This film, which is a weird biopic of Wallis Simpson, interspersed with the tale of a woman living in contemporary times who becomes infatuated by the Edward and Mrs Simpson story, is utterly lacking in any clarity, or any redeeming features, and even has super-dodgy moments of making excuses for the Prince of Wales’ well-known admiration for Nazi Germany.

It is basically a horrible film to watch.

> Madonna's W.E., review -Telegraph


by Robbie Collin

Madonna has been touring her biopic of Wallis Simpson around film festivals since last September, when it was received in Venice about as warmly as a six-foot rise in sea levels. The film has since been back in the cutting room, but like the Terminator T-1000 robot striding away from an exploding truck, its awfulness has emerged almost entirely unscathed.

....W.E. is — still — a stultifyingly vapid film, festooned with moments of pure aesthetic idiocy. With characteristic humbleness, Madonna performs a song called 'Masterpiece’ over the end credits, although one can’t help but feel that her 2003 number one single 'Sorry’ might have been more appropriate.

Piers Morgan: Madonna has "Grotesque Arms"

Ugly> I've always thought Madonna is highly annoying - and I know the feeling's mutual

by Piers Morgan

Ms Ciccone perfectly exemplifies this crazy new body-sabotaging regime, with a gruesome display of muscle-bound pecs-twitching that actually made me physically gag.

My revulsion towards the Material Girl – currently banned from my CNN show for a lifetime of oral and sartorial offences – is only matched by Elton’s.

> Piers Morgan says banned Madonna is grotesque‎

> Piers Morgan Slams Madonna's 'Grotesque' Arms‎

> 'Madonna's arms are grotesque:' Piers Morgan doesn't hold back as he celebrates the first anniversary of his CNN show

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:37 PM on 17th January 2012
Last year, he announced Madonna was banned from his new CNN nightly programme.

And as Piers Morgan celebrated his one year anniversary of Tonight with Piers Morgan, he again spoke out against the singer, labelling her appearance at this weekend's Golden Globes as 'grotesque.'

On U.S. daytime talk show The View yesterday, his main gripe seemed to be about the material girl's muscly arms.

When asked by The View hosts including Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar what he thought of the Queen of Pop's appearance, he replied: 'Grotesque. Why would any woman want to look like a caveman? I'm serious.'

Piers then claimed she was still 'banned' from his show 'mainly because of the arms.'

He added: 'I don't want arms like that on my show. Long sleeves, maybe she can come on.'

The 46-year-old former News of the World editor last year banned Madonna for the show for being 'too boring,' adding that 'we've never seen eye to eye.'


Feminism> Fiona McCade: Madonna out of tune with today's feminism‎

[snip intro where author describes her dad as being unable to cook for himself]

I thought my dad was a one-off, but now I know he’s not. In fact, he shares a very special bond with Madonna, who said in a television interview last week: “I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a meal entirely by myself.”

When she was questioned further about this unusual achievement, she said: “My nannies cook, my housekeeper cooks, the drivers cook, everybody cooks.” But when she was asked if she could cook anything at all, she got very feisty indeed: “‘No,” she spat back, “But I do everything else. Do I have to do everything?”

There, there, Madonna, love. I understand. You shimmy about all day in your leotard, desperately shaking your tassels to keep your family in the manner to which they have become accustomed, then the moment you sit down for a cup of mineral water and a Ryvita, some bleedin’ interviewer asks you if you’re capable of feeding yourself. What a cheek.

I’m glad Madonna was up-front and truthful about her culinary deficiencies. At least she didn’t cop out by saying: “My surgeon says if I go too close to the stove, my face will melt.” The trouble is, her anti-domestic stance – “I’m the breadwinner and I don’t have to go into the kitchen if I don’t want to” – is oddly out of tune with the current feminist zeitgeist.

Madonna made her name in the ’80s, and it certainly looks as though she thinks that Alpha Females still wear big shoulder pads, shout a lot, and have Help.

Unfortunately for her, times have moved on. Now, we have the likes of Nigella Lawson being Domestic Goddesses and showing us that strength and nurturing aren’t mutually exclusive. Today, women’s liberation means you don’t have to read Spare Rib; you can also enjoy marinating some, in sweet chilli sauce and red wine vinegar, without losing a shred of your credibility. The choice is yours.

I’m no great fan of cooking, but I have this image of Madonna coming home after a hard day’s shimmying and yelling: “Servants, where’s me meal?” Scarily like my dad.

The problem with the “I put the food on the table, so I don’t have to prepare it, too” argument – so beloved of both Madonna and my father – is that it’s essentially disempowering. I’ve always associated liberation with independence, self-reliance and capability. But if you can’t look after yourself, if you need other people to get your food for you because you have no idea how to do it, that’s not freedom, is it? In fact, it’s quite sad.

Earning lots of money is all very well, but it’s no substitute for being a real grown-up. You can pay someone to wipe your behind, if you like, but that won’t make people respect you. I love my dad, but my mum – who keeps him alive and our family functioning – is the really strong one.

If my dad and Madonna got lost in the jungle, they’d both be dead of starvation in a couple of days (if they didn’t kill each other first).

But if Nigella went AWOL in the rainforest, when the rescue party found her she’d be happily roasting a lemur with wild honey and crushed ants.

And if you can do that, who cares if you can’t fit into a leotard.

Madonna is not Approachable, Friendly

> Madonna 'doesn't do small talk'

Madonna isn't "big on small talk", says James D'Arcy.

The British actor stars as Britain's King Edward VIII in the superstar's latest directorial offering W.E. James says there wasn't much time to admire Madonna, as the filming schedule was so busy.

He also revealed that the 53-year-old Queen of Pop didn't engage in much conversation beyond discussing the script.

"[The awe] is over in ten seconds. There's no time on a film set to be in awe. Once you start talking to a human being, they become a human being. They stop being a cardboard cut out or a poster or a video," he told Cover Media. "And particularly because I wasn't talking to her about her life that she is very well known for in the public arena - we were talking about this film. She's not big on small talk, Madonna, so we talked about the work we were doing.

Homosexuals finally catching on that Madonna is not for them

Pink > Is Madonna turning her back on the gay community?

Hat Tip Hat tip second link: board member Super Amanda

> A Letter To Madonna From a Concerned Gay


by Domenick Scudera

Dear Madge:

Over the years, I was "crazy for you" just as much as the next gay, but lately I am worried. You had a solid handle on the pulse of pop culture once. Now you seem out-of-step. What happened?

Case in point: the Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais, when introducing you, rolled his eyes as he said you were "like a virgin." You are a 53-year-old woman with several children who published an erotic book titled Sex. You are obviously not a virgin. Ricky's joke was a poor attempt at humor. But what did you do in response to this "insult"? Tit for tat, you said, "If I'm still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don't you come over here and do something about it? I haven't kissed a girl in a few years on TV."

That's the best you could come up with? Your rejoinder is calling him a girl? Is there something wrong with being a girl?

Oh, Madonna, I am so disappointed in you.

....Oh, Madonna, don't reduce yourself to being catty, bitter, and pretentious. Who's that girl? I am desperately seeking the Madonna of yesteryear: daring, a ray of light, in a league of her own. That girl is still inside you somewhere, I bet. Please bring her back. Open you heart, express yourself like you used to do, so that I can justify my love for you again.

Tacky Fashion

Fashion> Are you really going out dressed like that, Mum? Lourdes keeps her head down as Madonna, 53, mimics her teenage look

Looking more like a member of a teenage girlband, she completed her dressed-down look with a wooly hat, black and white patterned scarf the obligatory sunglasses as she smiled for waiting photographers.

Christopher Ciccone

Book: Life With My Sister Madonna> From the Perez Hilton site:

"Madonna's Bro Uses Facebook To Talk Smack On Her!‎"


[Madonna's brother Christopher's Facebook entry]: I dig my sis…..but she still needs to learn to shut up… I mean "Reductive", "look it up"?…what kind of idiocy is that…

Slams and Put Downs - Elton John

Slams and Put Downs> Elton John's Hubby SLAMS MADONNA You're Desperate & Narcissistic

> Elton John's Husband: Madonna Is 'Embarrassing' and 'Desperate'

> Madonna, Elton John and David Furnish Make Up‎

> David Furnish, Elton John’s husband, backpedals on post-Golden Globes anti-Madonna rant

> Elton John's Husband Backtracks On Madonna Statements

> Elton John's husband: Sorry for Madonna speech slam

> Madonna should quit movies, feels Furnish

Singer Elton John's partner David Furnish targeted pop star Madonna, calling her Golden Globes win "a fluke" and urging her to "stick to what she's good at". Madonna's number Masterpiece from her directorial project W.E., won the best original song - motion picture at the Golden Globes ceremony here Sunday and this infuriated Furnish, who later wrote on social networking site, "Madonna. Best song????!!!(sic)"

Furnish has now questioned her win at the Globes and says that she should quit moviemaking. "I think it was a fluke... When this happens you have to question the integrity of the awards. Did Madonna get the Golden Globe because she attended the awards and agreed be a presenter?

"Can you sing Madonna's song? Can you hum it? It's a song nobody has heard, from a film few have seen. The award should have gone to (nominee) Mary J. Blige or Elton. I like Madonna's music, but not her movies. She should stick to what she is good at," quoted the 49-year-old as saying.

> Madonna on Elton John's Fury Over Golden Globe Win: 'I Don't Feel Bad'‎

> Furnish fires at Madonna

> Madonna blasted by David Furnish

> Elton John's Husband Rips Madonna

> Madonna and Elton John in Globes war of words

> Elton John's Husband David Furnish Lashes Out on Madonna at 2012 Golden Globes

> Hicks: Madonna and Elton John feuding

> Madonna beats Elton John to win pettishness award

Lady Gaga is not a Madonna rip off or clone

Lady Gaga> Madonna Throws Stones at Lady Gaga from Glass House [by Scott Finley]

In the editorial above, Finley points out that Madonna has no place to criticize Gaga for allegedly copying off her, since Madonna has been sued for ripping off other people, and he rightly points out that Madonna's "Express Yourself" sounds like a rip off of an older song by someone else.

Finley thinks that Madonna's "Express Yourself" sounds like a rip off of "Respect Yourself," (by the Staple Singers), but to me, it sounds more like a rip off of Charles Wright's "Express Yourself"

As other board members and myself have documented at this site and the discussion board for several years now, Madonna has been copying other celebrites for over 20 years.

Board member Super Amanda has also created a list of Madonna rip offs that can be viewed here: Madonna Queen of Rip Offs


Critters> More Stars Who Piss Off PETA (Photos)

Niki Nikolova / FilmMagic
According to PETA, it took more than 60 chinchillas to make the fur coat Madonna was seen wearing in 2006. “Madonna is just too old to flash her beaver like Britney Spears, so she brought out the chinchilla,” PETA said.

In 2009 Madonna was named “Worst Dressed” by the animal-rights organization, which stated that while she may be on the prowl for a “young cub,” wearing fur “doesn’t make you a cougar.”

Since then Madonna has been criticized by PETA for ordering 110 pounds of “kosher” meat to be brought to her in Tel Aviv during her “Sticky and Sweet” tour. From this record, it would take years of repentance to put this “Like a Virgin” singer on saintly terms with PETA’s followers.


For a former dancer she is not coordinated. Or graceful.

> Madonna steps on train of Jessica Biel's dress

> Golden Globes 2012: Watch it Madonna! Singer steps on Jessica Biel's dress in red carpet blunder

Superbowl Half Time Show - nobody likes the choice of Madonna (see also December 2011 - in site archives -for Gene Simmons being against Madonna performing at the Super Bowl)

> Monkey Rides Dog, and Overshadows Madonna Halftime Anticipation‎

> ‘Gayest Superbowl halftime show ever’?

> No Material Girls Need Apply: 10 Halftime Acts That Are Better Than Madonna

Madonna Fans/ Madonna finds her loyal fans "annoying"

> Madonna furious at leaks within own camp

Madonna is investigating several of her associates for selling music, video footage and sensitive pictures of her behind her back.

It all kicked off before Christmas, when a Spanish fan was rumbled releasing seven new songs from her forthcoming album on the internet. Now, Madonna is hot on the trail of the guilty party within her own camp who leaked the songs, The Sun reported.

A source said, "Her camp were aware of the Spanish character because he was an annoying super-fan. They were on to him for actively leaking and selling new and old unreleased tracks online."

> Madonna Receives Ungrateful Response from Fans at E.W. Premiere [PHOTOS]





Anti Madonna material by other people:



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